We can come to your site and present any of our training programs. We can handle all of your compliance training by defining which topics are required for your work-site, developing a training schedule for the year and then delivering the sessions as scheduled. Done!- You don’t have to worry about it! We also work with companies to define specific concerns or safety performance issues and determine how training might be used to address the issue. We develop specific performance objectives and develop customized programs for your work-site. Our staff has advanced training in program development and behavioral change theory and can identify what types of training are most likely to result in a behavioral change.

Our training programs offer you hands-on, interactive, and in as much as possible “entertaining” sessions. We use animated computer graphics, videos, humor and group activities to increase our participant’s involvement in the program. All of our programs (over 1 hour) are evaluated by the participants. This information is summarized and provided back to the client. If we don’t perform to an acceptable level, your training is free! That’s our iron-clad satisfaction promise to you.

If you prefer to train off-site or don’t have a training room, we offer our state-of-the-art training facility which is available and…we buy the coffee. If you are considering sending seven or more individuals to a public training, the cost for an on-site program may be less. On-site training allows you the convenience to schedule when you wish and allows us to tailor the content more specifically to your work-site hazards. We provide a wide range of training program lengths from 30 minutes to 60 hours.

For those in our market area, we can cover your third and second shifts with adequate planning. For many clients we provide short customized training topics on a regular basis (monthly) to help keep workers focused and compliant with OSHA requirements.

We offer regularly scheduled public training programs on a wide range of topics. View our current course schedule. We also offer to those who are interested in expanding their knowledge in safety and health, an opportunity to participate in and complete a certificate program. The basis of this program was established in the High Companies in the late 1980’s. Learn more about this unique program.

For a list of classes offered see our course descriptions page. To register for an upcoming public program at our facility see our education store.