High EH&S Consulting Staff includes experts in OSHA regulatory compliance. We provide organizations with Mock OSHA Inspections to help define the gap between what is currently in place and what OSHA requires. These reviews are excellent ways to identify what regulatory compliance exposures your organization may have. If you have an effective safety and health program in place, this service can be used as a double check and a second set of eyes. If you do not have any regulatory experts on your staff, this service can serve as a pathway to compliance.

We seek to make recommendations to move your organization to the next level. If you facility is highly compliant, we will identify the small aspects that can be tweaked for improvement. If your organization is not sure what “OSHA” stands for, our recommendations will be specific, but directed to broad program and compliance requirements. For example, If your company is in the latter category we aren’t likely to tell you that the font size of the letters on the OSHA poster are too small! (Yes, OSHA has a requirement for this!).

The Process:

  • Program Review – Prior to the scheduled audit day(s) we like to receive OSHA 300 Logs and Summaries for the past three years, plus one current year. A copy of the last eight accident reports helps to verify that cases are being logged properly and allows us to assess incident reports. We also like to have a copy of some of the major written programs, if these are available. Any prior hygiene and/or noise test results are helpful as well. These documents allow us to get a flavor of the worksite and perform some of the paper reviews prior to our site date(s).
  • Program Implementation Discussion – On the first day of the audit we will sit with the safety representative(s) to review the various programs, policies and training compliance provisions. We typically do not review every employee training record or each audiogram taken, but we do look at examples of these documents. This discussion can range from a couple of hours to a full day depending on the complexity and size of the facility.
  • Physical Audit – Once the program review is complete, a walk-through is conducted to evaluate the physical aspects of compliance. During this time we assess a wide range of things ranging from the obvious to the obscure.

The Outcome:

Once we have assimilated these pieces, we develop a written report. The report will include program recommendations and physical recommendations. Each recommendation or finding is numbered and assigned a priority level. Each observation is documented with the location and reference to the OSHA regulation which appears to be violated. When possible (and as desired by the client) we provide a photograph of the observed condition. We provide detailed direction when possible on approaches for correction. We include examples, forms and other resources for compliance.

Where assessments of multiple facilities is desired, we can establish a standardized assessment matrix for your organization prior to performing site visits. This will allow for a facility-to-facility comparison on key compliance elements, while still tailoring the inspection to the specific facility. We limit our travel to the continental United States and US territories where OSHA regulations are in force.