Sometimes bad things happen. High EH&S Consulting is called upon to perform incident investigations for our clients. In this process we use many of the same techniques that we teach in our Incident Investigations classes. The investigation process includes data collection of witness observations, site parts and positions, key documents and broad environmental factors. We use various quantification equipment to define parameters which may be important in the event. This may include penetrometers, light meters, sound level meters, tribometers, force gauges, direct read air monitors or a wide range of other devices. These data are combined to develop a sequence diagram, from which causative and contributing factors are identified. Development of corrective action options using a corrective action hierarchy and option evaluation process provide potential potential mitigative or preventative solutions. We have been called upon to investigate a wide range of events from near-misses to serious injuries to fatalities. Keep in mind that spending time and money to truly understand the cause of a near-miss which may have a very serious outcome potential can be beneficial in preventing the event from occurring in the future.

Sample Investigations:

  • Evaluation of a serious foot injury in which a crane assembly process resulted in a section of lattice boom dropped onto the individuals’ foot.
  • Response to a near-fatal fall from three stories in central Philadelphia, PA. Individual had transected his aorta in a fall from a construction project.
  • Investigation of a high-voltage electrical contact involving 7200 volt overhead lines.
  • Evaluation of a trench collapse resulting in a fatality of a worker in a home construction project.
  • Consideration of factors involved in an arc-blast event resulting in a fatality.
  • Investigation of a home contamination of chemical cleaning agents.
  • Testing for sources of combustion in property damage claims.
  • Hearing loss claim exposure evaluations.

Often these reviews can become a factor in legal proceedings. For this reason, when possible, it may be advisable to have your legal council engage us directly to provide client-attorney confidentiality privileges.

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